Kalpee Reaches 1 Million Plays on Anghami

Kalpee Reaches 1 Million Plays on Anghami

Congrats Kalpee on reaching 1 million plays on Anghami. Last month, Kalpee dropped “Colourful”, watch below! 

Kalpee Drops “Colourful”

Kalpee Drops “Colourful”

Available worldwide… watch video here!

Welcome to the colourful world of Kalpee, one of the most magnetic artists to emerge from the Caribbean in many years. Having amassed over 12 million global streams and views, the latest effortless performer from Trinidad & Tobago drops his highly anticipated music video “Colourful” today.

Whether on a beach, a stage, a crowded party or at home with friends and family, “Colourful” is a vibrant uplifting soca-infused pop record inspired by the goodness and positivity of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. Written and produced by Kalpee, the song lyrics and melody reflect the colours and vibrancy of the artist’s cultural roots and island life.

Shot in the Mojave desert and the beaches of Trinidad & Tobago, “Colourful” interplays between these contrasting landscapes to send a message of positivity to his fans. His message is simple: find the beauty in life and within yourself.

With festival and live shows planned this summer, Kalpee will be taking his colourful, infectious brand of music to the world. Listen, stream or download now from all worldwide platforms and keep your life “Colourful”.

Watch “Colourful” – https://youtu.be/c9QPnl5Lr-M

Play “Colourful” –  https://SonyMusicMiddleEast.lnk.to/Colourful

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Morocco’s Wild Heart Drops Second Single “Nah” Featuring Shayfeen

Morocco’s Wild Heart Drops Second Single “Nah” Featuring Shayfeen

Morocco’s Wild Heart Drops Second Single “Nah” Featuring Shayfeen

Available worldwide… watch the music video  here!

April 18, 2018 – Today Manal drops her brand new music video “Nah” showing fans a new RnB side to her talent in a song that explores the lives, loves, passions and tribulations of millennial youth.

“Nah” opens with Manal and Shobee surrounded by friends facing each other in the Palmeria Marrakesh. They express the pain they experienced in their relationship as flashbacks show us a better time between them both. But are they talking to each other? Were they ever in a relationship together? Or are they talking about someone else?

What follows is an artistically crafted story full of twists and turns set against a backdrop of friendships, fashion, vintage cars, pool, milkshakes and diners. On the day her debut single “Taj” nears 10 million views, Manal asks fans to spot the link between the two music videos.



“Nah” is an infectious song featuring Morocco’s Hip-hop and Trap squad Shayfeen, one of the fastest rising stars in the region and a close creative collaborator with Manal. There is no doubt that “Nah” is set to be a radio song for the summer –  perfect for summertime jams with friends and family.

“Nah” is available worldwide on all platforms exclusively from Sony Music Entertainment Middle East. For all her fans across the region do not miss Manal’s performance dxbeats, Dubai Opera House on April 28 alongside Yasmine Hamdan, Sharmoofers, Wanton Bishops and Moh Flow.

“Nah” available across all digital platforms: 

Watch on YouTube: https://goo.gl/hXd2pD

Stream on NOW: https://sonymusicmiddleeast.lnk.to/NAH


India Meets Morocco in “You’re Gold”

India Meets Morocco in “You’re Gold”


Badshah and Grini get together for the first time to release their brand new summery single. 

Available worldwide. Watch music video here!

(Dubai – April 18, 2018) Global superstar Badshah joins forces with one of the region’s biggest and most respected popstars Abd El Fattah Grini on brand new single, “You’re Gold”.

Badshah’s undeniable prowess as a rapper combined with Grini’s catchy vocals make “You’re Gold” destined to be one of the biggest tracks of the summer. The song was co-written by Badshah and impeccable singer/songwriter and producer Jalal El Hamdaoui famous for his strings of hits including “Lm3allem” and “Ghaltana”. The music video was shot in Dubai.

“You’re Gold” is part of Axe Middle East’s campaign focused on realness and confidence. Both Badshah and Grini brought their magic and charm to the song and the music video creating a never heard before #YoureGold anthem to remind men that as long as you own your confidence and remain unfazed, #YoureGold!

“I’m no stranger to pressure,” says Badshah. “In our industry there is no downtime- you are constantly giving your best and nothing less is acceptable. For me Gold is a state of mind. It’s when I’m in the studio or when I’m performing a sold out concert!  It’s also when I meeting fans on the street or meeting friends after a busy day. When I feel fresh and walk with confidence – THAT is the feeling I want to bring to this collaboration with AXE. The feeling of owning your style!”

Speaking on the collaboration, Grini, commented: It’s my first time to work with Sony Music and Badshah. Working on a Hindi/Arabic song from scratch was a new and rewarding experience for me. I am very delighted to be part of Axe You’re Gold project”.

“You’re Gold is available worldwide: https://SonyMusicMiddleEast.lnk.to/YoureGold

Watch music video here

In Pictures: Omar Kamal Live at the Pyramids

International superstar Omar Kamal wows at his first concert at the great Pyramids of Giza supporting the Ahl Masr Nonprofit Trauma & Burn Hospital.



Zirra Drops Second Single “Payphone” feat. Izzy & Malik


Zirra Drops Second Single “Payphone” feat. Izzy & Malik

A creative multi-cultural blend of Grime, Afro pop and Hip-hop

Track available across digital service providers

Listen here

Nigerian star Zirra just unleashed an internationally flavored collaboration, this time with British rapper Malikand underground Iranian/Filipino artist Izzyon, “Payphone”.

The uplifting summery tune brings out exchanged verses from Nigeria all the way to Britain with an incredibly catchy chorus. The special fusion highlights Malik’s grime artistry, Izzy’s hiphop swag and Zirra’s afro-pop/RnB flavor. The trio recorded the track in Dubai as they lived in the same area at the time.

“Payphone” can be accurately described as a fun song that channels each boy’s persona and lifestyle when it comes to partying.

“We wanted it to sound like a party, and it truly felt like a party when we were making it as well,” said Zirra.

“Payphone” follows Zirra’s contagious debut single “Agbada” which stood out due to the mix of local afrobeat flavors that created an incredible jam celebrating a highly placed attire, in Nigerian pop culture.

Keep an eye out for Zirra. More music to be dropped throughout the year.

“Payphone” out NOW!

Play on Anghami: https://goo.gl/S2mYjJ

Stream on Apple Music: https://goo.gl/41hBKC

Buy on iTunes: https://goo.gl/41hBKC

Play on Spotify: https://goo.gl/EMRnCp

 Play on Deezer: https://goo.gl/5e97jh

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Project: Aloft Star UAE Winner Stephon LaMar Drops Debut Music Video!

Project: Aloft Star UAE Winner Stephon LaMar Drops Debut Music Video!

Love on the Internet” is OUT NOW!

Sony Music Entertainment Middle East is proud to announce the release of Project: Aloft Star UAE 2017 winner Stephon LaMar’s music video.

Project: Aloft Star UAE Winner Stephon LaMar Drops Debut Music Video!

Watch video NOW!

In “Love on the Internet” Stephon LaMar is creating a conversation about our growing obsession with social media and how it takes over everything in our lives.

While the song title may at first seem romantic, the video is less so, featuring social media-obsessed friends who are spending their entire day on the phone and not enjoying the party. “Love on the Internet” suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. The love affair here is happening with the internet.

Produced, written and composed by Stephon LaMar with additional production by Hollaphonic and Charlie Wallace, “Love on the Internet” has a feel-good pop vibe that makes it a certified radio banger.

“Love on the Internet” was filmed in Aloft Al Ain. Since 2008, Aloft Hotels has been putting the spotlight on rising stars, offering an ongoing music concert series at every one of the brand’s 126 hotels.  Project: Aloft Star promotes the brand’s commitment to supporting self-expression by identifying the hottest emerging music talent from around the globe, offering them a chance to kick start their careers and take center stage at one of the most innovative hotel brands.


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Ammar Al Azaki Releases Debut Single, “Ghani Ghani”

Ammar Al Azaki Releases Debut Single, “Ghani Ghani” with Sony Music Entertainment Middle East

 Ammar Al Azaki Releases Debut Single, “Ghani Ghani”

Ammar is predicted be one the biggest stars to come out of the Khaleeji space

Album lands this March in both digital and physical stores


Sony Music Entertainment Middle East releases Ammar Al Azaki’s debut single, “Ghani Ghani” (Sing, Sing). The song is written by distinguished poet Sultan Mujalli, arranged by Mohanad Khider and tracks to traditional Yemeni heritage.

“Ghani Ghani” channels “Al Kokbani”, a celebrated music style in Yemen and all around the GCC and is a great start to set the mood for Ammar’s much anticipated debut album, “Kalam Abyad” due to drop next month.

Commenting on his own single, Ammar said: “It will give my fans a dose of what to expect from the album. Fans will be very surprised with my album as it is what I would like to call a well-rounded fusion of the different styles that exist in the genre of Khaleeji music. It’s going to be my birth in the music scene and I am confident that we will do wonders as Sony Music is by my side.”

“Ghani Ghani” Out NOW:

Watch on YouTube: https://goo.gl/zqPsse

Play on “Anghami: https://goo.gl/x4WumM

Stream on “Apple Music”: https://goo.gl/n8pvp7

Buy on “iTunes”: https://goo.gl/n8pvp7



Sony Music Entertainment Middle East Welcomes Zirra!

Sony Music Entertainment Middle East Welcomes Zirra!

Debut single “Agbada” out now

Album drops later in March

(18 February, 2018) – Sony Music Entertainment Middle East announces the signing of emerging singer Zirra, whose debut single “Agbada”— taken from his soon to be released debut album – drops today.


Born in Lagos, Nigeria and now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Timothy Zirindza Tsakma, known as Zirra, first discovered his passion for singing and songwriting at an early age of 14. The 22-year-old credits Peter Tosh, Fela Kuti, Lagbaja and Kid Cudi as his musical inspirations.


Filmed in Nigeria, “Agbada” – the wide sleeved robe worn by men in much of West Africa – is a contagious track that brings in pop and afrobeats backed up by a simple yet catchy chorus, making you want to dance it out and sing along. “Agbada” is Zirra’s debut single from his album Zirra that will be released by Sony Music Entertainment world wide in March.


“Agbada” out NOW!

Play on Anghami: https://goo.gl/so7Ha2

Stream on Apple Music: https://goo.gl/Nusu2v

Buy on iTunes: https://goo.gl/Nusu2v

Watch on YouTube: https://goo.gl/8v11Zw


Follow Zirra:

Instagram:   @ZirraMusic

Facebook:  @Zirra

Twitter:   @zirrazirra

Youtube:  Zirra


Manal Debuts Music Video “Taj”

Manal Debuts Music Video “Taj”

Manal Debuts Music Video “Taj”

Available everywhere

Watch NOW

Download press imagery here

After signing with Sony Music Entertainment Middle East earlier this year, talented songwriter and fierce Urban Pop songstress Manal premieres her much anticipated debut music video, “Taj” with the label.

Directed by Tarik Azzougarh known as Cilvaringz, an officially affiliated producer and artist with the American rap legends Wu-Tang Clan, with whom he had sold the world’s most expensive album in the history of music, “Taj” was shot in the beautiful city of Marrakesh.

“TAJ” (Crown) is a song that was originally inspired by Manal’s disheartening experience with the Arabic music industry. But the song goes further, invigorating female empowerment and individuality and challenging social expectations as the music video showcases Manal in traditionally male professions while also addressing sexual harassment.

Manal Debuts Music Video “Taj”

“TAJ is a song and music video like no other. It’s going to be enthralling to see how the fans and the Arab world are going to respond to it. I’m definitely holding my breath for this one…”. [Manal]

The song and music video incorporates the participation of a few well-established artists as well. The song was written by Shayfeen, considered to be one of the best Hip Hop acts in the Arab world. The music video also stars and features the choreography of dancer Shyvon Campbell, a prominent member of multiple world champion award winning dance crew Royal Family, better known as the dancers in Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” video. Shyvon was flown in specially from New Zealand to star in the video.

Manal is set to release another music video later this year. Ever the norm breaker, Manal did the unexpected and headed into the studio with the Moroccan rap group Shayfeen and their affiliated Wa Drari Squad in June 2017. “I have always been a major fan of Shayfeen and their whole clique. I could’ve done the obvious and go into the studio with a pop or soul producer/songwriter, but considering what I wanted to talk about I needed my boys to come in. It was the most exciting and fun recording session I had ever experienced and we are obviously going to be doing much more work together. Can’t wait for the world to hear and see what we cooked up together”. [Manal]

“Taj” available across all digital platforms:

Watch on YouTube: https://goo.gl/WuCFJy

Play on “Anghami: https://goo.gl/bRB46u

Stream on “Apple Music”: https://goo.gl/wYX38g

Buy on “iTunes”: https://goo.gl/PtDDwy

Play on “Spotify”: https://goo.gl/kdEywq

Play on “Deezer”: https://goo.gl/xC7jzW