Kalpee “Colourful” Remixes Out

Kalpee Drops

The Remixes EP

Kalpee “Colourful” Remixes Out


Kalpee “Colourful” Remixes Out

July 31, 2018 — Following his head-turning hit “Colourful, Kalpee has unveiled a new remix EP. The pack features one remix by enigmatic DJs and producersThe FaNaTiX bringing dancehall and bashment to the mix, along with another remix helmed by UAE’s premium talent MarkShakeDown, who introduces a touch of fun 80’s vibes. A third remix is included in the pack all the way from Sweden, by Hannes & Isac adding  a nice tropical breeze to the record. “Colourful” is Kalpee’s third single, garnering millions of streams and views, this track  could be described as a multi-genre blend  combining Funk, Reggae, pop and a little bit of RnB… WATCH the music video here.

Kalpee “Colourful” Remixes Out

Just last weekend, Kalpee performed at The Emergence Series supporting War Child UK. Promoting individuality and inclusivity, Kalpee recently showed off his musical and performing prowess with a special set at The Colour Run UK. He is also set to light up the stage at Festival of Colours on September 8th and will be heading to Asia for live events and promo later this September.

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Kalpee “Colourful” Remixes Out


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September 08 – Festivals of Colours
September 10-14 – Live Show and Promo in Singapore

“Colourful” The Remixes EP available across all digital platforms
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Kalpee Drops “Colourful”

Kalpee Drops “Colourful”

Available worldwide… watch video here!

Welcome to the colourful world of Kalpee, one of the most magnetic artists to emerge from the Caribbean in many years. Having amassed over 12 million global streams and views, the latest effortless performer from Trinidad & Tobago drops his highly anticipated music video “Colourful” today.

Whether on a beach, a stage, a crowded party or at home with friends and family, “Colourful” is a vibrant uplifting soca-infused pop record inspired by the goodness and positivity of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. Written and produced by Kalpee, the song lyrics and melody reflect the colours and vibrancy of the artist’s cultural roots and island life.

Shot in the Mojave desert and the beaches of Trinidad & Tobago, “Colourful” interplays between these contrasting landscapes to send a message of positivity to his fans. His message is simple: find the beauty in life and within yourself.

With festival and live shows planned this summer, Kalpee will be taking his colourful, infectious brand of music to the world. Listen, stream or download now from all worldwide platforms and keep your life “Colourful”.

Watch “Colourful” – https://youtu.be/c9QPnl5Lr-M

Play “Colourful” –  https://SonyMusicMiddleEast.lnk.to/Colourful

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