Snow star’s triumphant return with debut Arabic music video

 Nathalie releases “FE NAS!!” today

Available on all platforms NOW!!!

The 20-year-old Egyptian songstress who’s debut EP – This is Me took the region by story, kicks off 2019 with her long awaited debut Arabic hit – Fe Nas. The release is a culmination of a long period of songwriting and creative exploration through which Nathalie has found her Arabic voice with this new sound. 


Fe Nas, is an uplifting vibrant fusion of urban pop and oriental beats that highlights Nathalie’s unique vocal style in Arabic language. The track was written by the renowned Egyptian lyricist Doaa Abdel-Wahab with the contribution of Nathalie. The track was produced by the talented Egyptian hit maker Sary Hany. Fe Nas is Natalie’s first original Arabic single.

If you ask Nathalie to describe herself, she would say she is that young Egyptian woman who loves to make music that the young people relate to and connect with. Fe Nas is an empowerment message from Nathalie to them, telling the world that we all have the right to choose the way we want to live our lives despite our unique differences.

Creative, credible and authentic, Nathalie is the voice of the future generation representing Middle East talent to the world and inspiring young Arabic artists across the region to believe in their dreams.  Nathalie is a unique talent and set to become one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the Middle East in years.


The young star teamed up with of the finest Egyptian creative teams for the video of “Fe Nas”: Director Omar Nayef, Producer Tarek Geddawy and DOP Taimour Taimour. The music video features the different types of people within the society.

Nathalie is pumped about her first original track “I wanted my fans to see a side of my personality through this song and there was no better way than using my mother language to show that”, she continued, “ I wanted my first Arabic song to sound like me and many Egyptian young people, modern yet original“.